One of our aims is Sharing. We share information and experience, making each member organisation more effective in its work.

Many of our member organisations have very limited resources. If they are struggling with a particular issue, they may find that other members can help.

One of the main ways that members share information is through our regular meetings and the networking opportunities that these present. We also encourage publish here reports or consultation documents prepared by Cancer52 to share with its members and wider stakeholders.

If you have documents which you would like to share, or if there is an issue on which you particularly require help and guidance – please contact


Clinical Nurse Specialist Report Cover

“Clinical Nurse Specialists working with people with rare and less common cancers”

Available from 6th December 2016 to mark the Cancer52 session at Britain Against Cancer – a new report from Cancer52 on the role of the CNS in rare and less common cancers – some personal perspectives from patients and nurses. With thanks to our supporters but especially to those who shared their story.

Access the full report


Patient experience report cover

“Living with a rare or less common cancer, patient experiences of treatment and care”

Our new patient experience report  – what does the evidence from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey show us about experience of people with a rare or less common cancer?  What is it that can make the difference to that experience?

Read our chair’s summary of the challenges faced by people with a rare or less common cancer patient experience or access the full report


PACE report imageSpeaking up for patients – Patient organisation involvement in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) with a focus on Patient and Clinical Engagement (PACE) at the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC)” 

A new report on patient group involvement in the new Patient and Clinical Engagement (PACE) process at the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) – what can we learn from these experiences and what can we share?

Read a summary of the report findings or access the full report


Cancer strategy cover


Cancer52 Policy Briefing

briefing on the implementation of Achieving World Class Outcomes: A Strategy for England 2015-2020



Report cover image“Rare and Less Common Cancers: Incidence and Mortality in England, 2010 to 2013”

We are delighted to announce that our new report “Rare and Less Common Cancers: Incidence and Mortality in England, 2010 to 2013” is published today (Monday 8th June 2015) on the first day of the NCIN conference in Belfast.  It is a report produced jointly by Cancer52 and the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) at Public Health England.

The new report gathers for the first time data on nearly 280 cancers and gives incidence and mortality rates on some of the rare and less common cancers for this first time.

The report shows that deaths from rare and less common cancers in England continues to rise and  that there were 2,700 more deaths annually in 2013  from rare and less common cancers in England than in 2010.

Click here to read the press release and click here to download the full report.


Report coverNew report from Cancer52: percentage of cancer deaths outside the big four rises to 54%

A new report published today (Tuesday 10th June 2014) by Cancer52 shows that the percentage of cancer deaths from those cancers outside the ‘big four’ (of breast, bowel, prostate and lung) is rising with a new high of 54%i recorded in 2011. This new data has been collected by the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN), Public Health England, and published on the second day of its conference in Birmingham on 10 June 2014.

Click here to download the full report.  Click here to read the press release.


NCRI C52 reportNCRI and Cancer52 publish report on research spend

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI)  and Cancer52, have published a report “Research into less common cancers” .  It shows for the first time the level and type of research investment in rare and less common cancers by members of Cancer52.

To read the full copy of the report download here;  to read a summary of key findings click here and to read the press release click here.


Cancer52 Third Annual Briefing 2013

Cancer52’s Third Annual Briefing was held in October 2013 at the House of Lords.  To read a summary debrief of the event please click here.


Annual Review 2012Cancer52 Annual Review 2012

Cancer 52’s Annual Review 2012 summarises the growth of the organisation and highlights of its activities.  Please click here to download the full report.


Cancer52 Second Annual Briefing Report

In October 2012, Cancer52 held its second annual briefing at the House of Lords. You can read the report here.


NCSI research work stream, less common cancers consultation

Cancer52 was invited to participate in the NCSI work stream to map the research questions relating to the survivorship needs of people affected by the less common cancers. We organised an event for Cancer52 members, to which they were encouraged to bring people directly affected by the less common cancers (survivors and carers). A broad range of issues emerged on the day and these were formulated into research questions and included in the report which was written up for submission to the NCSI.  The report is about 10MB or download a 6 page summary of submission.