6 Mar 2018

On 1 March 2018, Cancer52 responded to the NICE Centre for Health Technology Evaluation's Consultation on updated Technology Appraisal Process Guide.

Cancer52’s full response can be read here.

1 Nov 2017

In November 2017 Cancer52 responded to the NICE Centre for Health Technology Evaluation consultation entitled “Increasing capacity within Technology Appraisals“.

Whilst we of course share the desire for earler and faster appraisal for new medicines our response focused on the seeming drop in levels of patient engagement in the HTA process and in the consultation process itself. There will we understand be a second round of cons...

1 Aug 2017

Cancer52 submitted written evidence to the APPGC Cancer Strategy inquiry, as the Cancer Strategy Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes: A Strategy for England 2015-2020 nears its half way stage.

You can read our full submission here.

1 Feb 2017

Cancer52 has responded on the above consultation (February 2017) and full response can be found here.

The topic was discussed at the Cancer52 All Member Meeting on 24th January 2017. As a result of that presentation and follow up Q&As, a small working group of Cancer52 members was formed to answer the broad question – ‘What’s the point?’, with the aim of identifying where patient involvement makes a difference to NICE...

1 Jan 2017

Cancer52 has responded to the above consultation (January 2017).  The full response can be found here.

In summary Cancer52 disagreed with the majority of the proposals put forward by the consultation. In particular we object to the discretionary element attached to the operation of the proposed budget impact threshold, the lack of any rationale for the threshold value selected (and proposed new QALY values) and the reinter...

1 Jan 2017

Cancer52 has responded to the above consultation (January 2017). The full response can be found here.

The consultation covers four areas of commissioning

  • General commissioning policies

  • In-year Service Development Policy

  • Individual Funding Requests Policy

  • Funding for Experimental Treatment and Unproven Treatments Policy

and seeks a ranking on both the clarity of the proposals and then asks for more speci...

15 Jun 2015

On 15th June 2015, Cancer52 responded to the proposed changes to the Standard Operating Procedures: Cancer Drugs Fund 2015-16.

In summary:

- we are concerned that the new text in the SOP appears to dilute the potential influence of clinicians outside of the National CDF (NCDF) panel in decision making.

- we are concerned that there will be greater uncertainty for patients as a result of drugs being on the approved list at one tim...

23 Apr 2015

On 23rd April 2015, Cancer52 responded to the NHS public consultation on Investing in Specialised Services.

In summary Cancer52 believes that there is a lack of clarity and lack of clear measurement of key factors that will drive decisions to invest.

We also believe that NHS England

- needs to become more transparent and open and supported by the broader policy framework and funding for the NHS

- must add in appeal to their proces...

19 Jun 2014

Cancer52 has commented on a number of aspects of the Methods of Technology Appraisals  consultation, and submitted its response to NICE.

The full consultation response can be accessed here but in summary we believe that

- there is an opportunity to more fully reflect the impact of disease and the potential benefits of treatment through the additional modifiers of Burden of Illness and Wider Societal Benefit

- patients, and their...

29 Mar 2014

On the basis of the increasing experience of our members with NICE Technology Appraisals Cancer52 has commented in detail on a number of aspects of the Technology Appraisals Process Guide consultation, but identified three key interrelated issues that it believes important for NICE to truly meet their aspiration of ‘Putting patients and the public at the heart of NICE’s work’.

David Ryner, Head of Policy for Cancer52, said of t...

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