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The National Lottery Community Fund

Cancer52 is grateful for a three-year funding stream from The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest community funder in the UK. The funding was secured as a recognition of Cancer52's achievements, in partnership with members, within and for the rare and less common cancer community. All with the shared aim of improving outcomes for patients.


From January 2024, the funding will be used to

  • Policy advances for rare and less common cancer

  • Addressing patient health inequalities

  • Membership engagement


The intended impact of this funding will be beneficial for patients, Cancer52 and its charity members, and the wider rare and less common cancer community. 

We are very grateful to National Lottery players.


Cancer52 works closely with a number of other organisations within the cancer community, some in Europe, and has joined other groups where we have aims in common.

We are members of the following organisations:

The organisations with which we work include:

In November 2021, Oxygen Strategy supported Cancer52 with an educational training session on collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on best practice and due diligence processes.


Working with Cancer52 offers a unique opportunity to access the expertise and knowledge gained through the relationships Cancer52 enjoys with its member organisations, many of which, due to small size, are very close to patients in their field.

Cancer52 brings these organisations together into a single voice for people with rare and less common cancers which is heard at the highest level of cancer policy and influencing.

Cancer52 seeks donations from its members as well as financial support from outside its membership.

In recent times, Cancer52 has received support from the organisations shown and we are very grateful for this support. 

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