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2021 All Stakeholder Briefing

On Wednesday 13th October, we hosted our Annual All Stakeholder Briefing, focusing on Early diagnosis for rare and less common cancers: What progress is there against NHS Long Term Plan target of 75% of all cancers to be diagnosed at stage I or II by 2028?

Huge thanks to all our speakers for a hugely informative event, which was much appreciated by attendees. David Fitzgerald gave us a very thorough overview of progress; Dr Roques gave a pragmatic view of life on the frontline and Viv Mak gave us some great insights on what data tells us now.

We are very grateful for the huge effort, time and energy that shone through in all the speaker presentations. It’s inspirational to see, and wholly supports David Fitzgerald’s view that the 75% target is ‘everyone’s ambition’. It certainly resonated through the presentation of all the Cancer52 charities.

If you would like more information about the event, please email us.

The recording for the event can be found here. Please note this link will expire on 1 November 2021; if you require it after this date, please email us.


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