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Cancer52 at PHE Cancer Services, Data and Outcomes Conference 2018

Cancer52 will have an active presence at the forthcoming PHE Cancer Services, Data and Outcomes Conference taking place in Manchester, 20 and 21 June 2018.

Cancer52 is sharing a stand with use MY data with the joint focus of "the patient voice in data", showing how the two organisations are working together to help ensure the voice of people with rare and less common cancers is heard.

Together, we have produced a briefing paper on what the National Data Opt-out means for people with cancer.

We are also running a workshop entitled Getting Data Out for rare and less common cancers, in which we, together with Public Health England's Get Data Out team, Brainstrust and Sarcoma UK, will discuss the importance and motivation behind this programme and progress in making more data about less common and rare cancers publicly available.

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