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All Members Meeting 25 April 2018

We welcomed around 25 members to the Spring 2018 All Members Meeting, where we heard presentations from the following speakers (click on names to view their presentations where available):

  • Rebecca Rennison, Director of Public Affairs and Services Target Ovarian Cancer - update on Cancer52's Policy and Public Affairs Steering Group (PPASG)

  • Sarah McDonald, Director of Research, Information & Support Services Sarcoma UK - update on Cancer52's Access to Data Working Group

  • Susan Oliver, Trustee, Pseudomyxoma Survivor - challenges of running a charity for an extremely rare cancer

  • Jenna Dilkes, Programme Manager, Planning and Operations, NICE

AND Chloe Kastoryano, Public Involvement Adviser, Public Involvement Programme, NICE - introduction to new NICE systems Overview on what's working and what's not for rare or less common cancers within NICE

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