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General Election 2017: Cancer52 Calls to Action

In the run up to the 2017 General Election Cancer52 has produced a one pager document on its ‘Calls to Action’.

In the 2015 election Cancer52 called for refreshed strategies; more research into rare and less common cancers, and early access to modern treatments. Important progress towards these goals has been achieved.

For the 2017 General Election Cancer52 is calling for three specific actions:

  • Act to reverse the newly introduced NICE Budget Impact Threshold which disadvantages rare and less common cancer patients’ access to drugs

  • Address the lack of available national data about rare and less common cancers. This lack hinders knowledge and measures of improvement

  • Assess the impact on rare and less common cancers of all policy decisions made to health services, including research and cross-border care

To read the full document click here.

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