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Cancer52 response to announcement of new investment for Cancer Drugs Fund

Cancer52 welcomes the new additional investment of £160 million in the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) announced by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt today (28th August 2014) and the Government's commitment to review effectiveness of the drugs currently on the CDF list.

Says Cancer52 Chair Clara Mackay, "The CDF has helped thousands of people with rare and less common cancers access treatments over the past few years and this new investment will mean that more can be helped. Rare and less common cancers account for 54% of all cancer deaths, and accordingly any new approach must incorporate the flexibility to ensure that people with rare and less common cancers are well served. In some cases, where there have been no or only marginal advances treatments for rarer cancers they may require special consideration, for example where there are no other treatments available for a particular cancer.

"Finally we are delighted to be part of a small number of cancer organisations to have been consulted by the Health Secretary on the future of the CDF and look forward to working with the Government on behalf of all our Cancer52 members, and the patients they represent."

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