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NICE consultation on Technology Appraisals Process Guide

On the basis of the increasing experience of our members with NICE Technology Appraisals Cancer52 has commented in detail on a number of aspects of the Technology Appraisals Process Guide consultation, but identified three key interrelated issues that it believes important for NICE to truly meet their aspiration of ‘Putting patients and the public at the heart of NICE’s work’.

David Ryner, Head of Policy for Cancer52, said of the response, "Technology Appraisal processes are complex; participation and engagement represents real challenges for smaller patient groups, such as many Cancer 52 member groups. That's why our response presses NICE to make improvements to the assistance it offers to potential patient group and patient participants."

Cancer52's summary of asks to NICE is given here and covers the three key interrelated areas of process, methods and implementation. The full Cancer52 response can be accessed here.

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