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Cancer52 publishes briefing paper on NICE and Value Based Assessment (VBA)

NICE is due to consult on its proposals on VBA and to announce an opening date for the consultation shortly.

To read the full announcement click here.

In summary Cancer52 is asking that:

  • NICE ‘road test’ their approach working with patients and carers - setting out how patients and carers will be able to contribute to ensure a fuller understanding of the burden of illness and the wider societal benefits of new medicines

  • NICE should also set out how these proposals would have changed previous recommendations so that we can all understand whether these are changes in reality, or just theoretical concepts adding to what can feel like the ‘black box’ of economic analysis undertaken to inform recommendations

  • Full and open approach to evaluations of VBP/VBA changes. This should include how far VBP has changed research priorities, including the focus on research to treat those with rare and less common cancers.

Cancer52 is willing to work with all stakeholders to build on the opportunities of reform and to improve access to medicines in the UK.

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