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Cancer52 works with members to raise funds

Cancer52 is proud to have joined forces with 19 other rare and less common cancer charities in a major new fundraising campaign that has been developed and led by member charity Sarcoma UK. The twenty charities, all working with people with rare and less common cancers, are collaborating in response to the devastating impact of the COVID-19 crisis on charities and the people they support.

Starting on 20 September 2020, the charities are asking supporters to sign up to the 20 for 20 challenge and take on 20 challenges over 20 consecutive days. Participants can choose any challenge or activity they like based on the number 20 – from running for 20 minutes to baking 20 cakes – and collect sponsorship for their chosen 20 for 20 charity.

Rare and less common cancers account for 47% of all cancers diagnosed and more than half (55%) of cancer deaths in the UK[1]. The 20 charities teaming up for 20 for 20 exist to support and improve the lives of over 87,000 people diagnosed every year with the rare and less common cancers[2] they represent. Many are also drivers of key research into these cancers, funding around £6million every year[3].

In a recent survey, Cancer52 found that the majority of rare and less common cancer charities had seen a rise in the use of their support services during the pandemic. Almost 30% of those surveyed reported that their support line usage had increased by 50% or more during the first three months of the pandemic.

At the same time, the pandemic has had a major impact on the amount of voluntary income received by these charities, and the majority for the 20 for 20 charities (almost 70%) haven’t received any form of government funding.

Jane Lyons, CEO of Cancer52, said: “This fundraising initiative is coming at such a good time – all the charities need the funding to support patients now in the long term, but we hope the campaign will also raise awareness of these cancers and encourage people to come forward if they do have worrying symptoms.”

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