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New Cancer52 films on the importance of data for rare and less common cancers

Because we believe so strongly in the importance of access to data for rare and less common cancers Cancer52 has worked with Public Health England's National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) to produce two films.

The first is a short (8 minute) montage film featuring many of the leaders in cancer data giving their views on the importance of access to data. It covers Cancer52's presence alongside the team from usemydata at NCRAS's Cancer Services, Data and Outcomes Conference 2018 in Manchester at the end of June. This film can be used to explain why data is critical.

The second longer film is to ensure that all the learnings from the workshop Getting data out for rare and less common cancers we organised with NCRAS and Brainstrust could be shared across our entire membership, not just those who could attend the conference. Cancer52 members can view the film of the whole workshop via the members' area of theCancer52 website. This film helps charity members of Cancer52 understand the process for literally - getting more rare or less common cancer data out of PHE.

Cancer52 has a very active Access to Data Working Group that meets quarterly. If you're a Cancer52 charity member and want to join, let us know.

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