Supporting Cancer Alliances

Supporting Cancer Alliances

Cancer52 represents more than 90 charities and patient organisations working in the field of rare and less common cancers, covering all aspects of cancer information, support, care and research. We work to ensure that the voice of people with rare and less common cancers is heard at a national level amongst policy makers and influencers and that strategies are implemented. Our key asset and offer to Cancer Alliances is to signpost, introduce or help facilitate new partnerships or information exchange between Alliances and a particular charity with specific expertise.

Summary of Cancer52 and how we plan to work with Cancer Alliances

We absolutely recognise the importance of Cancer Alliances in delivering on the Cancer Strategy and will do our best to support that work through bringing Alliances and our members together.

How some of our members could work with Alliances

Our door is wide open to assist Alliances.

In the first instance please email