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GIST Support UK is a group of GIST (Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumour) patients and their carers. The aims of the group are to support the members, to improve patient care, to encourage research, and to liaise with the pharmaceutical industry and the government on GIST related issues. GSUK provides information about GIST and living with GIST, for patients and medical professionals. It has an email chat line for patients and carers, a telephone help line, and a web site. It also holds two meetings a year for patients and carers, at which experts talk about different aspects of GIST. GSUK is affiliated with other GIST patient groups world-wide. GSUK has a sub-group for the ultra-rare Paediatric, Adolescent, Wild-type and Syndromic GIST patients, known as PAWS-GIST.